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SORP is interested in sightings of whales within the Southern Ocean, in particular blue, killer, humpback and southern right whales. If the sighting has occurred within Australian State/Territory waters, please use the alternative form!
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Australian Marine Mammal Centre - Terms and Conditions

In submitting your data (ie your data record and your contact details as provided in your data entry form) to the Australian Marine Mammal Centre (AMMC) of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Your data will be archived by the AAD;
  2. Your data will be made available now or in the near future, generally via the AMMC National Marine Mammal Data Portal (NMMDP) web site, either:
    • Publically in summary form such as maps, graphs or data grids. Your contact details will not be provided in these summaries; or
    • As full data records, including your contact details, only available to authenticated and authorized users,
  3. To co-operate with the AAD in responding to public queries regarding the quality, validity or processing of your data, should the AAD need your assistance in answering such questions; and
  4. Publication of your data to third-party data networks in which the AAD participates.
The AAD will ensure that people that it passes your data to are aware that:
  1. They cannot use your the data for any commercial purpose;
  2. Where a full data record is provided, a clear acknowledgement must be made that you are the originator of the data and that your details and that of the AAD are to be cited on any product or research resulting from the use of these data. Data summaries such as maps, graphs and data grids will not carry this condition; and
  3. If the data are modified because errors have been detected, the AAD should be notified and given a copy of the updated record. This will assist the AAD to maintain high data quality standards and we will also communicate any correspondence on quality issues to you.
The AAD will also:
  1. Securely archive and manage your data to ensure its availability and access into the future;
  2. Notify you before making substantial changes to your data; and
  3. Notify you before making substantial changes to the status/availability of your data.
If you upload image(s) to the NMMDP or provide image(s) to the AAD for this purpose:
  1. You will retain the copyright to these image(s);
  2. You will grant the Commonwealth of Australia a licence to use and distribute these image(s) for any purpose with the exception of commercial use. These uses will include, but are not limited to, scientific research, government use such as policy development and outcomes and promotional activities and public awareness;
The AAD will ensure that people that it passes your image(s) to are aware that:
  1. A clear acknowledgement must be made that you hold the copyright to the image; and
  2. They must not use your image(s) for commercial purposes.

Download the cetacean sighting report spreadsheet [XSL]

Submit your Opportunistic Sightings Spreadsheet and photos (if avaliable) via email to sightingsdata @