Report a sighting

We want to know about the marine mammals you have sighted. The Sighting Report form allows you to upload your information and photographs to our database, making a valuable contribution to marine mammal science and conservation.

If you would like to record your sighting data in hard copy before entering it into our online reporting form, you can download the cetacean sighting report form [PDF] or alternatelvely you can download the cetacean sighting report spreadsheet [XSL] to report multiple sighting events.

Although reporting through our online form is our preference, you can email your completed form/spreadsheet and photograph(s) to

Please note that submission of information and/or images will be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out below.

Click here to report a sighting online

Please note!

If this sighting has occurred within the Southern Ocean please use the Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP) form instead.