Cetacean Sightings Application (CSA)

Cetacean Sightings Application (CSA) - Version 3

The Cetacean Sightings Application has been developed to consistently record and report cetacean sightings and related seismic survey data to the Australian government. The standardised data collected using the Cetacean Sightings Application can be exported and then incorporated into the National Marine Mammal Database. The National Marine Mammal Database is a national repository for marine mammal sightings, strandings, bycatch and ship strike data.

The Cetacean Sightings Application has been developed by the Australian Antarctic Division of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities in consultation with experienced marine mammal observers. Details on reporting requirements can be found in the Industry Guidelines of Policy Statement 2.1 Interaction between offshore seismic exploration and whales.

Whats is new in version 3

This version includes a number of enhancements including:

  • Improved survey operation and observer effort data;
  • Entry of non cetacean species sightings with user defined species;
  • Options for entering latitude and longitude as degrees minutes seconds, degrees decimal minutes or decimal degrees;
  • Options for setting a default survey for data entry and searches;
  • Enhanced data validation;
  • Only core fields required for initial saving of records;
  • Copying of weather data from observer effort records to sightings;
  • Reports of entered data, including validation messages, which can be printed or saved as a pdf;
  • Datasheets which can be printed or saved as a pdf;
  • Data export in XML format;
  • Improved help

How do I get help

If you need help refer to the comprehensive information documented within the sightings application. If your require further help please email sightingsdata@aad.gov.au.

XML schema

Version 3 of the CSA uses XML for the export of data. We have provided the XML schema which outlines the order, fields and values that the XML must conform with.

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    • (a) These Terms of Use form a legally binding contract (Agreement) between you and the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of the Environment and Energy ABN 34 190 894 983 (Department).
    • (b) In this Agreement, the following definitions are used: App means the Cetacean Sightings Application; Data means standardised sightings and survey data associated with marine mammal sightings, including raw data, which you upload into the App; Material means information, documents or data or any combination of them; Our Material means the datasets that may be produced by use of the App or any Material that forms part of, the App; IP Rights means all intellectual property rights, including the following:
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  3. 3. User supplied Data
    • (a) The Department has no control over the Data uploaded by you. The Department accepts no responsibility or risk for the Data provided, printed, sent or received in relation to the App. You, by accessing or using the App accept all responsibility, risk and liability for the content chosen, added, edited, provided, uploaded and modified.
    • (b) By uploading Data into the App and to the extent that IP Rights subsist in the Data, you agree to grant (or procure for) the Department a perpetual, non-exclusive and payment-free licence throughout the world to:
      • (i) reproduce, use and exploit the IP Rights in Data to the full extent permitted by law in any jurisdiction in which the App is available to users for all purposes described in this Agreement and any reasonably related secondary purposes; and
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    • (c) To the extent that any moral rights subsist in any of the Material you submit via the App, you represent and warrant that you consent (and have obtained each other author's consent) to the Department doing any act or omission including editing, changing or deleting some or all of the materials or information, which would, but for this consent, be contrary to the relevant moral rights.
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  6. 6. App requirements
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    • (b) The Software Requirements are as follows: Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 Language English.
  7. 7. Updates and new releases
    • (a) The Department may update the App with additional languages and devices from time to time.
    • (b) Unless the Department advise you otherwise, this Agreement shall cover any updates and new releases of the App that may be created by the Department during the term of this Agreement.
    • (c) The version of the App may be upgraded from time to time to add support for new functions and services.
    • (d) Where you accept an update or new release to the App, this Agreement applies in all respects to that update or new release to the extent that it is incorporated in or replaces the App.
  8. 8. Variation
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    • (b) Upon termination of this Agreement, the accrued rights and liabilities of the parties shall not be affected.
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  10. 10. Department contact details If you have any questions or complaints in relation to the App, you can contact the Department as follows:
    Name: Australian Marine Mammal Centre Coordinator Postal address: Australian Antarctic Division, 203 Channel Highway, Kingston, TAS, 7050 Telephone:(03) 6232 3407 Email: ammccoordinator@aad.gov.au
  11. 11. General
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